Teachers salaries

Here is a short summary of you how to negotiate your salary and what to expect if you want to teach, or perhaps already teaching, in Sweden.

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Here you will find information on teachers’ salaries in Sweden, some tips for salary negotiations and the support that Sveriges Lärare can offer you. We recommend, because of the complexity of the Swedish employment market for teachers, that you always contact Sveriges Lärare before signing any employment contract.

What teachers earn in Sweden

Most teachers (2019) earn between SEK 30,000 and SEK 40,000 per month, and the demand for teachers is growing. Salaries in excess of SEK 40,000 are becoming increasingly common and there are some teachers earning above SEK 50,000.

Salary levels for both newly qualified and experienced teachers vary enormously and are strongly linked to local market demand for different teacher categories.

Contact Swedish Teachers’ Union

If you have any questions concerning your salary or other employment matters, don’t hesitate to contact Swedish Teachers’ Union.

From Sweden: 077 515 05 00
From abroad: +46 775 15 05 00

Individually based incomes

In Sweden, teachers’ incomes are set individually based on position, skills, qualifications, experience and performance. There is no fixed salary scale or tariff system. When you agree to take up a post, you negotiate your own salary. This is an agreement between you and your employer. Salaries are generally reviewed once a year.

Be prepared

The right moment to reach an agreement regarding your salary is before signing your employment contract. Your salary is set during discussions between you and your employer.

Ahead of such a discussion with your employer it is important to know what the salary situation looks like – for that particular employer, for other employers in the region, and the demand for teachers with your qualifications and experience at that time.

Apply for multiple jobs and set the bar high

It can be worth applying for several jobs at the same time. Consider what you think the teaching job is worth, along with your experience and qualities. Set the bar high and make sure you have arguments to back up the requirements.

Also consider the minimum salary you are prepared to accept if, ultimately, job satisfaction will be more important than a higher salary. If you are not entirely happy with what the employer offers, ask for time to think about it and get back to them.

Initial salary is crucial

Your initial salary with an employer is crucial for your future salary development with that employer. Therefore, always contact Sveriges Lärare before signing any agreement, so that you are well-informed regarding salary levels in your area and subject.

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