The Almega Independent Schools agreement

The collective agreement is valid from September 1st 2023 until August 31st 2025. It applies to teachers (in schools at all levels of the education system) and career counsellors who are employed by independent school companies linked to the employers' organization Almega Tjänsteföretagen.

The new collective agreement will be translated in its entirety by Almega – it will then be published at the bottom of this page.

News in the collective agreement

  • The parties agree on the importance of long-term strategies to achieve a desired wage structure and strengthen the legitimacy of wage formation. Professional development and good performance must pay off, as well as experience and professional skills.

    Special focus shall be placed on ensuring that the salary levels are such that one can attract and retain qualified and licensed teachers and career counsellors. The new collective agreement includes a stronger connection to the salary increase in the general labour market.

  • Starting September 1st, 2024, the contribution to the occupational pension will be raised by 0,6 percentage points. The contribution will then be raised each year until reaching 2 percentage points in 2029, in addition to the standard contribution of 4,5 percent.

  • The compensation for taking part in overnight stays during school trips, will be raised from 500 to 600 SEK/day in January of 2024. The collective agreement includes basic conditions in connection with school trips. It regulates working hours, staffing and compensation. It states that responsibilities must be clarified before the trip commences. It also stipulates that the insurance situation must be clarified before departure. Local adaptation I allowed.

  • We have taken important steps to strengthen the clarity of working time and work environment issues. This is manifested in the agreement through clearer demands on the employers to improve the balance between working hours and demands for teachers and career counsellors.

    This is also reinforced by the fact that central parties also will take a more supportive role by assisting local parties when needed in matters concerning employees' work environment.
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