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Swedish Teachers´ Union – Sveriges Lärare 

We are the teachers´ union for those of you who are qualified teachers, study and vocational guidance counselors or are studying to become one of these. Welcome!

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Sveriges Lärare is the largest union for academics with more than 300,000 members in all sectors of the school system: for example, primary school, upper secondary school, preschool, leisure center, adult education and university.

Five popular member benefits

There are many reasons to become a member in Sveriges Lärare, five popular ones are;

  • Safety with a local representative at your workplace and the right to assistance in negotiations when needed.
  • Advice from our experts on what applies according to collective agreements and laws.
  • Income insurance and other favorable member insurances if something should happen. 
  • Salary coaching and access to the latest salary statistics when you need arguments for a salary increase. 
  • Inspiration with a guaranteed ability in our digital inspiration events and our magazine “Vi Lärare” to your homer adress.

Who can become a member?

Are you a teacher or study and career counselor? Or are you studying to become one of those? You are welcome to join!
We have three different memberships; professionally active teacher, student teacher and retired teacher.

Our criteria for becoming a member:

To become a professionally active member, you must have or have had employment in one of the professional roles below, in combination with a teaching qualification or relevant education.

Our entry criteria

Membership fees

Professionally-active 75 % or more: 280 SEK/month
Professionally-active 74 % or 140 SEK /month 
Student teacher: 0 SEK
Newly qualified first 6 months: 140 SEK/ month
PhD Student: 65 SEK/ month
Retired: 65 SEK/ month

A union of academics

You who already have or are in the process of obtaining a degree as a teacher or as a study and career counselor are welcome as a member.

Important to join the right trade union

You should choose the trade union that signs the collective agreement for your position at your workplace. That way, you have the best opportunities to influence your workplace and your working conditions.
  • If you are an unqualified teacher without a teaching degree, but with an academic education and diploma, we refer you to the Saco Association of which you can become a member.
  • If you are, for example, a child minder, student assistant or teaching assistant without a teaching degree, or other academic degree and not studying to become a teacher, we refer you to the union Kommunal. 
  • If you are a school leader or principal, we refer you to Swedish School Leaders’ Union.

"It's a comfort to be together, to highlight teacher-specific issues and have our voices heard."

Elisabeth Liljeblad

Teacher for grades 4-9, Swedish and lead teacher,


This is Sveriges Lärare

Sveriges Lärare is the union for every category of teachers, student teachers and study and career counsellors.


Teaching in Sweden

Working as a teacher in Sweden there are a few things you need to bear in mind.

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